Every crypto/NFT community starts with an idea. First it grows to a few fans. A few supporters. Few contributors. And it keeps growing and growing. Then it sets up a Discord or Telegram group. Then it becomes a thing. A brand.

Some take it a step further and form a DAO with its own token. But the basic principle stays the same. They are a group of people who share the same passion and vision.

As a founder or moderator of your community, you have the responsibility to nurture it. One great way to do it is to set a domain extension for your community.

But how, you might ask.

Punk Domains can help you with that. We offer domains for DAOs and communities. Here is what we see as the main benefits of owning your own domain extension.

Did you know? Domain extensions (e.g. .com, .org, .eth, .crypto) are also known as top-level domains (TLDs).

Strengthen the bonds within your community

I am sure you noticed people on Twitter changing their name to domain names with extensions like .eth, .L2, .klima, etc.

Imagine the same happening for your DAO/NFT community.

Imagine what this could bring for your brand and your brand awareness online.

Imagine what would happen if you give your members the opportunity to express themselves with their own domain name online.

More than just a domain name

Web3 domains are a digital identity. Your community members can use domains as usernames when they log into your web3 app.

They can attach additional data to a domain, like a website URL or a Twitter handle. Or they can easily send tokens and NFTs to each other.

Many possible integrations

With some great tech from our technical team you can also integrate more complex things with your own domain extensions. Like planning special launches or giving special access only to domain extension owners.

For example, Trove NFT Marketplace integrated .smol domains, which are domains for the Smolverse NFT community (created through Punk Domains).

When you login to Trove, it automatically finds out if you hold a .smol domain or not. If you do, it replaces your address in the navigation bar with your .smol domain.

When you do transactions or search the transaction history on Trove, you can see .smol domains instead of addresses (just like you see .eth domain names on Etherscan).

This is just one of many examples of how you can integrate your domain extension into your web3 app.

Extra revenue for your DAO/NFT community

Owning a domain extension (like .smol or .klima), means that the owner (DAO or NFT community) gets the revenue from domain purchases and resells. This can greatly benefit your community treasury.

Our partners KlimaDAO (.klima), Layer2DAO (.L2), and Smolverse (.smol) use this revenue to support contributors and community projects. Part of the .klima domain payments go to retiring carbon credit tokens, which helps the environment. You could also donate proceedings to public goods funding, which is what our .op and .optimism domains do.

As the domain extension owner you can decide what domain price should be, who is allowed to mint a domain (e.g. only NFT holders), and where the revenue goes to.

It’s the future

Web3 Social is coming in a big way. More and more funds and resources are rolling into the Web3 social space. The whole idea of it is based on the fact that every user owns their online identity and the content they produce (posts, comments, images etc.)

Web3 domains are the integral part of Web3 Social. They mainly serve as usernames, but can also hold additional (optional) data such as homepage URL, image data, email address, etc.

We expect every significant web3 community to have their own domain extension, so get ahead of the game and reserve your own extension today!

Learn more

Check out the interview with Exosphere, the founder of Layer2DAO, which has gotten their own top-level domain (.L2) through the Punk Domains protocol: Interview With Exosphere from Layer2DAO.

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