Our newest partnership is with a Lufroloc Dishes Trilogy. Below you can find an interview with Joie Degarlic where she explains more about her project and partnership with Punk Domains.

Hi Joie! 👋 Tell us a bit about yourself and the Dishes Trilogy.

Well my pseudonym is Joie Degarlic, I’m an artist and a programmer. The Lufroloc Dishes Trilogy is a 3-collection series of Bretonian surrealistic digital arts being represented as dishes (plates).

Each collection has 1001 items as NFT’s, launched on Arbitrum network via StratosNFT platform as free-mint a couple months ago.

First collection was open to be publicly free minted. The next 2 were open for whitelisted wallets who had at least 1 NFT from the previous collections.

Another Trilogy with the same concept but with different visuals is to be launched on Optimism network. The first “Optimistic Dishes” collection is currently launched and the next two will be released soon as free-mint to the whitelisted wallets of the first collection.

How did you start the Dishes Trilogy? What’s the founding story?

So, I have been in the crypto space since 2015 and I have been watching the NFT space quietly from a distance! To be honest no NFT project has fascinated me.

Only lately I’m seeing some artists deserving admiration and creating real art NFTs, and almost none of them are on Ethereum mainnet. They use other alternatives.

So I can say with confidence that 99% of NFT’s on mainnet can be considered test attempts towards setting up a very broad concept like NFT.

Over-priced JPEGs?! Ok, let them be.

Anyway, I started working with Layer-2 protocols on Ethereum and soon found out that the real NFTs with real artistic characteristics must start from there. And since no real-world “painting” is lucky yet in the NFT space, I decided to create surreal digitalized artworks as close as possible to a real painting.

What about the Dishes Trilogy are you most proud of?

The point that you can confidently put “Arts” and “NFTs” in one sentence without scratching your head.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Tell us more about .ppl domains.

Well, the .ppl domain is my attempt to make my NFTs have “utility”. I thought about creating a utility with a real use case.

If you have a .ppl domain, you can use it as your username across everything that is built and will be built on web3.

Who can mint a .ppl domain?

Those who have DISH NFT’s from all 3 collections can mint .ppl domains. So our community people who still have their NFTs can mint these domains too. Also people from the public who want to mint can buy at least one from each collection and be eligible to mint their domains.

There will be no snapshot thanks to the great developers at Punk Domains, and the criteria will be checked by the smart contract every time a user wants to mint a .ppl domain.

How did you design the graphic that is created with every minted domain?

I designed a graphical vector image similar to the Dishes, consisting of a cat and two people in the background, and a face in the foreground.

The colors will be randomly varied at each mint.

How do you think will people mostly use the domain? (usecases)

As I said before, a .ppl domain can be used as your username in all the dApps across web3 that are supported by Punk Domains in addition to being a simplifier for your wallet address like what ENS (.eth) domains do.

Also it can be indicative of your belonging to a community after the sub-domains are enabled by Punk Domains. For example if I have the sub-domain name “joie.american.ppl” I can use it to show that I am a member of the United States community while I’m on any dApp on web3.

This can be the case for any type of community too (companies, geographical regions, public causes, NGOs, etc). Also the silly Ethereum fanatics can mint ethereum.ppl domain and give their community their own sub-domains, when it’s enabled! (such as joie.ethereum.ppl)

Where can people learn more about Dishes Trilogy? What is the best way to join your community?

I have a Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/joiedegarlic) and a Discord server (http://discord.gg/CBQFAkP3Fb).

Join the community at my Discord server or if you want to contact me, reach me at my Twitter and also on Discord.

The Dishes on Arbitrum are here:

The first DISH collection on Optimism is here: https://quixotic.io/collection/dish

Once you have one of the Dish NFTs on Arbitrum, you can mint yourself a .ppl domain here: https://ppl.domains