We are excited to announce a new Punk Domains partnership. This time with an awesome NFT community called The Wild Bunch.

What is The Wild Bunch?

The Wild Bunch is a collection of 4,000 hand-drawn NFTs that Warren Lotas and his team released at the end of 2021 under the name The Wild Bunch.

The brand draws inspiration from classic Western movies, but with a heavy metal twist.

Who is Warren Lotas?

The Wild Bunch is a brand created by a team lead by Warren Lotas, a streetwear designer from Los Angeles. He has been making waves in the fashion world since he started his first brand in 2014.

Lotas launched his namesake LA streetwear brand in 2014 as an 18-year-old college freshman. His graphic-heavy designs have made him a hit in the streetwear sphere, with big names like Wiz Khalifa wearing his designs or as Kanye West calls them “cool pants.” He has also collaborated with the NBA and brands such as Readymade and Fear of God.

Despite his impressive track record, Lotas is probably best known for his legal battle with Nike over reimagined Nike Dunks. In 2017, Nike sued him for building on top of their Dunk High design. He responded by posting an image on Instagram that read: “Hey @nike I copied your shoe, not you, so stop suing me.”

The brands reached an out-of-court settlement in December 2021.

More than just NFTs

The Wild Bunch NFTs are not just profile pic NFTs. It connects deeply with their fashion brand and their pop-up stores.

At the last pop-up shop hundreds of people attended the store opening. The ones that held a The Wild Bunch NFT were able to skip the line and shop first.

Another perk for the NFT owners was access to the second floor of the store where they created a hangout space with sofas and pool table for all NFT holders.

The Wild Bunch domain

A new chapter for The Wild Bunch starts with Punk Domains. Their brand new domain, .wildbunch, runs on top of the Punk Domains protocol on Ethereum.

Web3 domains like .wildbunch are shortcuts for Ethereum addresses (similar to .eth domains), but can also be used as usernames and digital identity in the web3 world.

How to get a .wildbunch domain?

Anyone who holds The Wild Bunch NFT can mint as many .wildbunch domains as they want. If you don’t yet have The Wild Bunch NFT, get one here: https://opensea.io/collection/the-wild-bunch-nft.

And then head over to the .wildbunch domains website and mint your very own domain name: https://twb.punk.domains.

Get involved with The Wild Bunch community