Punk Domains is a modular web3 domains protocol that can issue domain extensions for DAOs and other web3 communities.

Some of these communities include renowned names such as PoolTogether (.pool), KlimaDAO (.klima domain extension), Smol Brains NFT community (.smol), Giveth (.giveth), etc.

Integration bounties

We understand the value of collaboration and innovation. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re offering bounties for integrating Punk Domains into your project.

Whether you’re developing a web app, mobile app, desktop app, smart contract, or anything beyond, Punk Domains could be integrated into your project.

Integrating Punk Domains is very easy, it often involves only one blockchain call (to fetch a domain name for a given address). See some examples here: https://docs.punk.domains/how-to-integrate/

Reach out

If you’re up for the challenge and believe your project could benefit from the integration of Punk Domains, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (reach out before you start working on the integration).

Our integration bounties are designed to accommodate various project complexities and traction levels, ranging from $50 to $1000.

Deadline: End of November 2023

The deadline for integrations is approaching soon - all submissions must be made by the end of November 2023.

How to get in touch?