Together with the Songbird community we have launched a new domain extension, .sgb. In the first couple of days after the launch (in mid October 2022) more than 500 domain names were registered.

What is Songbird

Songbird Network is the canary network for the Flare blockchain. Flare Network is an EVM-compatible blockchain with some very interesting additional features, such as the state connector and a native oracle layer (FTSO).

With these unique features, Flare aims to connect various networks, both EVM and non-EVM chains.

Songbird is the name of the Flare’s canary network. It is an operational blockchain with a limited token supply that is intended to be used to test features for the upcoming mainnet (Flare).

Songbird Domains = Web3 Domains

Web3 domains are a digital identity in the web3 (social) world.

People can use domains as usernames when they log into a web3 app. They can attach additional data to a domain, like a website URL or a Twitter handle. Or they can use domains to easily send tokens and NFTs to each other.

You can find all registered Songbird domains as NFTs on the SparklesNFT marketplace:

How can I get involved in the Songbird community

The Songbird community is a passionate, positive, and warm community, excited about all the unique tech that Flare/Songbird is bringing to the crypto world.

How to get involved in the community? Here are some tips:

And don’t forget to check the Songbird Domains website: