As the Web3 Social era dawns upon us, the Giveth community is gearing up for a unique and revolutionary way to interact with each other.

In an effort to enhance connectivity and solidarity within the community, Punk Domains and Giveth is proud to introduce Giveth Names, a groundbreaking Web3 Social username service.

You can mint your Giveth Name here:

Strengthening the bonds within the Giveth community 💡

With Giveth Names, community members can now mint their very own web3 domain username with a .giveth extension on the Gnosis chain, representing the spirit of Giveth.

This exceptional feature ensures that once a username is minted, it belongs to the user forever, free from any renewing fees.

The potential for fostering stronger bonds between members and spreading awareness about the Giveth movement is boundless.

More than just a domain

Giveth Names surpass the concept of a mere domain; they are digital identities that hold significant value within the Web3 ecosystem.

Beyond using these domains as usernames for web3 apps, Giveth members can attach additional data to their domains, such as website URLs, Twitter handles, or email addresses.

Furthermore, the domains facilitate easy and secure transfers of tokens and NFTs between community members.

Minting fees => Public Goods ❤️

In keeping with their commitment to public goods funding, Giveth has allocated 80% of the name minting proceeds to the Giveth Matching Pool.

Through smart contracts, every time a new .giveth name is minted, the proceeds automatically contribute to the matching pool address.

The future 🔮

As the arrival of Web3 Social beckons, various projects are busy constructing different “lego blocks” of this decentralized universe.

One of these fundamental building blocks is usernames (or “domains”) where the essence lies in users owning their online identities and the content they create.

Web3 names, including Giveth Names, play a pivotal role in this landscape. With Giveth Names, the Giveth community is ready to embrace the Web3 Social space wholeheartedly, bringing members closer together and empowering them to shape a brighter, more inclusive future.

Let us embark on this remarkable journey of unity and innovation as the Giveth community thrives in the era of Web3 Social!