Gitcoin is a platform that facilitates crowdfunding for open source Web3 projects. On Gitcoin, you can discover interesting projects and donate via grants.

For every amount that you donate, Gitcoin also matches your donation with an additional amount, so the project gets more money. Matching is only available during official Gitcoin rounds.

If you believe in Web3, it makes sense to support projects that benefit the crypto space. Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

1) Create an account on Github (if you don’t have it yet) 🐙

GitHub is a different website than Gitcoin, but Gitcoin uses GitHub Login for users to authenticate. That’s why you need to have a GitHub account, in order to be able to use Gitcoin.

  • First go to GitHub:
  • Then click “Sign up” and follow the steps to create a profile (it’s very easy and straightforward)

2) Login to Gitcoin 🤖🌍

Now go to Gitcoin (not GitHub) and login there with your GitHub account:

  • Go to Gitcoin:
  • Click on the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner

3) Explore grants and donate to projects you support 🔍

Go to the grants explorer and find the grants that you like:

4) Add to cart 🛒

When you find a project that you like, add it to your cart and continue browsing.

5) View your cart 👁️

When you’re done browsing projects, go to your cart and check the list of projects you’re donating to.

In this step you can decide how much of DAI (or some other currency, like ETH or MATIC) are you donating to each project. You can donate different amounts to different projects.

You will see the amounts that you’re donating to each project, and also the matching amount that Gitcoin will add to your donation.

6) Connect with your preferred wallet 👛

Click on the “I am ready to Checkout” button. A new window will pop-up with the list of wallets to connect with:

7) Payment 💸

The final step is to complete your donation. Click on the “I am ready to Checkout” button again.

Then choose the network on which you’d like to pay (Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync). Make sure you have the required funds on your address on the selected chain.

Congrats! 🎉

You have successfully donated to web3 projects and helped the crypto ecosystem. Awesome! 🤘

Additionally you can verify that you’re not a bot (verify identity) through various verification methods on Gitcoin. This will raise the matching amount that Gitcoin will add to your donation, so your donation will be worth even more. How great is that?! 😎