Hey Astro! 👋 Explain to us like we’re 5. What is Smolverse?

Smolverse is a community of NFT collections within TreasureDAO.

It started with the Smol Brains NFT as one of the first NFT collections on Arbitrum, and quickly gained popularity among L2 folks. Even Arbitrum co-founders got themselves Smol Brains NFTs and use them as profile pictures on Twitter!

Smol Brains NFT was followed by other NFT collections within Smolverse: Smol Bodies, Smol Brains Pets, and Smol Bodies Pets.

What’s interesting about Smolverse NFTs is that they are progressively evolving. For example, Smol Brains NFT images depict monkeys with small heads, but if you stake them their brain starts growing and their heads grow bigger.

This means that NFT images are not static, but they gradually change over time, which makes this kind of NFT collections more interesting than others.

What is your role within the Smolverse community?

I’ve been very excited about Smolverse from the very early on. Together with my team I’ve built a tool to find NFTs on Arbitrum (Smolpad), launched a .smol domains service (through the Punk Domains protocol), and an NFT marketplace aggregator called Smolsweep.

I would describe my role in the community as a builder. Whenever I see something missing (like a product or a service), I put my focus on it and bring it to life.

How did you find this community?

One random afternoon, I got pinged in an alpha server to join a project and draw a monkey with my name to get a free mint. I have found a place there ever since.

What about the Smolverse community are you most proud of? What are some good things to point out?

I really like how supportive this community is and how everyone is always there to help. It’s also a fun community, with very entertaining meme-y culture.

Also, I’m very proud that we have a lot of talented people and builders.

Where do you see Smolverse in 5 years?

Lol, I have no clue! It’s possible there’s a playable metaverse, but that’s impossible for me to tell currently, especially in the crypto world.

Why did you choose to partner up with us, Punk Domains?

I saw Tempe Techie from Punk Domains proposing .treasure domains in the TreasureDAO chat, and I decided to hit him up and see if we could make .smol domains a thing instead.

Things started moving fast and a couple of weeks later we had the Smol Domains website ready.

The launch day was crazy. Within the first hour we’ve sold over 1000 .smol domains!

The community really embraced .smol domains as usernames and started using them on Discord and Twitter. And other web3 apps in the Smolverse (like Trove marketplace) started integrating .smol domains in their products.

Where can people learn more about Smolverse? What is the best way to join your community?

There are many tools and communities to get started in the ecosystem: